Longevity Fund

Asking questions on the frontiers of biology.

The goal of the fund is to advance technologies that will increase the human healthspan. We invest in early-stage biotechnology companies. 



We’re looking to invest in 3 things:

  1. Companies testing the hypothesis that aging can be modified by single things - specific targets, small molecules or biologics. We think there’s enough cross-species evidence of oddly broad-acting genetic pathways that it is worth testing this hypothesis in humans.

  2. Companies developing novel technologies for manipulating biological systems. We’re fans of the idea that living things, or things made by them, can treat life (antibodies, cellular therapy, things that manipulate the immune system or electroceuticals). We’re very open to anything in this regard.

  3. Things which don’t fall into either bucket above, or combine the two. We try to be non-dogmatic, so if you can make a good case for it, we’ll take a look.